1480670254  ++ Imagine the New York backstreets… pink Givenchy lipstick, date night filled with sheer lace, frills, an astronomical amount of bold curls… Chanel perfume, with a touch of diamonds and an accent of leather. This is the glamorous world of New York native Tiffany Nicole whose distinct style conjures up the world of Paris after dark. Graduating from Fashion Design and Merchandising School as well as an amazing internship as a wardrobe stylist on The Tyra Banks Show, has provided the gateway to her fabulous hair sense as well as everything fashion. Not only has she participated in NYC’s fashion week, due to recognized work at design school, but she is also a top graduate of both Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School and has 10 years of hair styling under her belt. She specializes in every texture of hair and her effeminate style always transfers over to her work. To ensure her craft is constantly evolving; she continues education across the world, dabbles in photography,  and frequents current fashion blog-sites as well as museums.

“Contemporary Barbie” is the phrase that will forever be linked to Tiffany, because of her polarizing love for soft lines to dramatic edgy styling; bold curls to a strong feminine silhouette. Her talent has no boundaries.