drive by soulmate

In this day and age its very seldom that two people connect instantly on a deeper level. It’s usually because (A) one or the both of you guys have walls up, (B) someone is being dishonest about what they truly want out of the deal, or (C) last but certainly not least… plain ‘ol loss of interest.

We all know that men are hunters by nature; and the game of luring you in to break down your walls is all too intriguing for them. This… is thee oldest cat and mouse game around!  Long gone are the days where you could rule out the ones who were crass and blatant about their true animalistic desires. Ladies, let me introduce to you this new prototype… we’ll call him the “drive by soulmate”.

You see, its not just about getting you into precarious situations where your panties end up abruptly around your ankles anymore. No, thats far too easy! This tall, strong, charismatic, intellectual of a man is on a different mission. Low hanging fruit is just too mundane and doesn’t quite pique his interest; his arousal comes more from the chase rather than the catch. He’s clever, and realized early the fruit would be much sweeter if he took the time to make love to your heart first. He’s aware that if you kiss her mind, her body will surely follow. He appeals to all of your wants and desires and all of those adolescent fantasies about a successful prince charming thats hung as a horse! Lol! Don’t feel bad when you succumb to the wolf, its nothing personal! Maybe even believe that the feelings were authentic… because they probably were at the moment; thats how he’s able to lock in the creme of the crop. Deep down this man is a true romantic at heart and snagging the love and lust from an unattainable woman is soooo intoxicating to him he can’t resist. Unfortunately, his love is short lived because he gets bored easily, and is constantly on the hunt for his next conquest… or should I say drive by soulmate!




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